Tarot Milk Tea

TAROT MILK TEA is a personal branding project. Hana tweeted about what if there was a witch themed bubble tea shop called tarot milk tea and I told them I would make fan art about it! So here is this hand-drawn brand package 🙂

Check out our brand design and the emotions and connections we want to evoke in our community! Every detail is chosen with reflection and illustrates our dreams and responsibilities as operatives of the occult. We offer products and services that uphold the primal cycles, ancient divinity, and the vast natural world that drive the process of magic. 

I really enjoyed making this little element of reality for a fantasy shop and imagining the way this brand could unfold. I wanted to make an artifact, like Tarot Milk Tea really exists somewhere. There was a lot of creative writing involved! Although this project takes the form of a snapshot, it felt like an experimental way to tell a story.