Signs/Symptoms (13.5inx18.2in) acrylic and ink on poster paper2015-08-04 16.33.51Vestigial (20inx15.5in) watercolor and ink on cardstock2016-01-22 11.54.01(20inx15.5in) watercolor and acrylic on cardstock2016-02-16 12.04.39 copyOntogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny (20inx15.5in) watercolor and acrylic on cardstock2016-02-23 20.21.09Sympatric Speciation (20inx15.5in) watercolor and ink on cardstock2016-04-19 20.04.28Punctuated Equilibrium(20inx15.5in) watercolor and ink on cardstock2016-03-16 18.40.20Adaptive Radiation (16inx20in) acrylic and ink on cardstock2016-05-22 13.39.43Hanahaki (12x12x0.75) Acrylic and marker on wood panel323931001v3

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