(Dis)orientation Guide

A disorientation guide is a publication created, published, and printed by college activist communities across the country. This publication aims to provide a critical perspective to how the university operates and offer resources and candid reflections to help students engage in issues of identity, justice, solidarity, and organizing. The guide’s name is a play on our goal to provide students with a wider array of knowledge than a university-directed orientation could. The first UMD Disorientation Guide was published in 1970 as the UMD Radical Guide. We hope to continue supporting our community’s collective knowledge and labor, and preserve our voices in institutional memory. This publication leverages our collective knowledge to help new students navigate the University of Maryland.

All available guides and more information is here.

This is my editing/publishing project. I lead a team to solicit submissions, organize contributors, provide editorial support, create formatting design, and implement marketing/distribution of the 2020 UMD Disorientation Guide. We published on August 23, 2020.